Amazon Pulled This Hair Dryer After 1 Lady Discovered Out It Actually Shoots Fireplace

Hello, hiya, good morning: your hair dryer may shoot out balls of fireside. Or at the least that is what one Amazon shopper lately found upon buying a instrument from the net retailer. In response to a video taken by Erika Augthun Shoolbred, together with de-damping your strands, the OraCorp Skilled Grade Hair Dryer conveniently doubles as a flame thrower.

“Discuss a foul hair day!” Shoolbred captioned the video, which reveals the OraCorp casually spitting out an inferno. “My new hair dryer (extra like hair frier) . . . turned a blow torch on its first use this morning.” Fortunately, Shoolbred escaped the blaze with solely a “small burn” on her hand and an “monumental scent to [her] grasp tub.” Shut name!

Shoolbred’s put up was shortly flooded with involved inquiries from associates. “Wow — I am so glad you might be okay!” one wrote. “That would have been a catastrophe.” In response to Newsweek, Amazon has pulled the dryer in query from its website. Shoolbred additionally wrote that the location gave her a full refund for the defective instrument.

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There are nonetheless a variety of different OraCorp merchandise on the market on Amazon, akin to a warmth pad, maternity belt, and wrist therapeutic massage mattress.

Watch the horrifying video above — however be warned, it is nightmare gas.

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