Nike,Gill's voice sounded in the tiger temple, in the Tiger Temple away from the hidden mountain of the moment, let the repair and others left the Tiger Temple, and the Tiger Temple is still quietly suspended in the hidden Mangshan the air, motionless. Leaving the tiger house a few people are all stunned, the first response from the Ming Xiu, he slowly said: Go fast, do not let the efforts of Gill in vain...... Now we go back and tell the magic of the battlefield, heaven And the underworld of all, have entered the state of preparation for it, this is not the underworld and the war of heaven...... but the face of a strange enemy, it seems...... the second mythical war, has to be kicked off.
Jordan,I'll go right away. Xina nodded his head, immediately stature of a dynamic, cast teleport away, rush to the direction of heaven. At the same time, the wind demon Feng nodded, turned teleport away, and now reached the king strength, the magic in the battlefield is a sufficient right to speak. Then, Ming Xiu and Sheng-fan, Zhuang Li-chao, as a two-phase, nodded his head after the separation, the war is indeed some haste, and they no longer have time to shelve. You really have the righteousness.
nike ??,Whatever you think it. Gill faint smile, I do not think... I will not as good as you. Jibel, Jill feel a bit of lightning god avatar and the Department of the wind god avatar, are ready, Qiqi wood things Jill has been completed, and the wind Department of God avatar early on ready, ready to go. Come on...... let me step into the sword respect level! Jill instantly opened the original together eyes, a surge of Piao Pai atmosphere from the Jill's body emission, and that among the black divine power, but it contains the power of the two elements of the law, it is clear that...... that Two forces, that is, the power of lightning and wind power.