Converse帆布鞋,So for these monsters, you reluctantly teach her this witchcraft, so that monsters can hear her. She is very talented, but also very sincere. You will casually teach a few things. You promised not to agree ah? You say a word ah? In the end you promised not to agree? You do not agree, can blame me bluntly, ah. I am a very civilized, very reluctant to use violence to solve the problem. But some people need to use barbaric means. I tell you ah. I am angry with this man, even I myself are afraid!
Converse開口笑,Do not think you are near the spirit of the ninety master of magic I will be afraid of you, you are very weak oh. Your face is very beautiful? My punch in the past, your nose collapsed, and then punch in the past, your face is also folded. The final guarantee to make you ugly even ghost met all alive scared to death. Then, no shortage of turn turned to the next, looking at the blood Lushen exquisite face, raised his big fist on the top of the blood hunt of the nose, said fiercely: I want to drop down, oh. I really want to drop down, oh. Blood hunt is still forcing the United States head, mouth still sneering mocking smile.
converse官網,Blood hunt can clearly feel the strength of the fist down. However, such as when the blood hunt against the nose, the effort has been almost gone. To such a point of effort. Still the blood hunt of the tip of the nose to knock red. If I do not feel bad, long a fist to your nose smashed, you can not take my distressed as a patron Oh. Then there is no shortage of deep hand. Pinching the nostrils of the delicate hunt of blood, pulled to the right side of the pull, and pulled the left side of the pull. Blood hunt suddenly opened his eyes, suddenly a cold air.
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