Queen Elizabeth Watched Personal Her Coronation for the First Time and Right here's What Occurred

For the primary time ever, videographers gained entry to the Crown Jewels to movie them and likewise spoke to Queen Elizabeth II for the upcoming documentary The Coronation.

The queen not solely granted permission for the jewels to be seen and captured for the present, however she additionally watched footage of her personal coronation (which came about again in 1953)—which she had by no means finished earlier than. As she appeared on the footage from 65 years in the past, the queen shared her perception into what it was like to truly put on the heavy Imperial State Crown with royal household reporter Alastair Bruce.

“You may’t look all the way down to learn the speech, it’s a must to take the speech up. As a result of in case you did, your neck would break and it (the crown) would fall off,” she mentioned whereas smiling. “So there are some disadvantages to crowns however in any other case they’re fairly vital issues.”


She additionally revealed that using in an unlimited golden carriage was much less enjoyable than you’d anticipate.

“Horrible. It’s solely sprung on leather-based, not very comfy, she mentioned. “We might solely go at a strolling tempo. The horses could not presumably go any sooner. It is so heavy.”

Bruce watched the footage alongside Queen Elizabeth, however he does extra than simply reporting—he is additionally one of many queen’s officers of arms, and he is such an skilled within the semiotics (the language of symbols) of the nation that the Buckingham Palace typically calls him for enter and recommendation. Bruce spoke to InStyle about speaking with Queen Elizabeth and his idea about why she may be selecting to talk publicly on this proper now.

“I feel partly as a result of it’s the 65th anniversary 12 months … ” he mentioned. “Now why do I feel it is taking place now, I don’t know. I feel that the queen should perceive that, as we do as producers, that it has been 65 years since we have had a coronation and the British public have been conscious of the Crown Jewels, however suppose they’ve change into one of the best identified and least understood symbols of the nation because of that period of time not being in use, and possibly that is what led her to do it now.”

Julian Calder

Regardless of this, Bruce was comfortable to make clear precisely how momentous an event it will need to have been for the queen, calling it a “fairly difficult day for her as a 25-year-old.”

“There’s a custom within the English coronation that you probably have a monarch who slips or drops one thing or something like that—the truth is, Richard II’s slipper fell off when he was being carried again to mattress as a result of he had fallen asleep in the course of the ceremony, and everybody noticed that as a nasty omen. That form of strain that you just mustn’t make an error, for the primary time being filmed and televised to the world,” he mentioned.

“It is a big problem, I’d think about, for anyone to carry out with out fault by a medieval ceremony that has unbelievable symbolism and which means. [While] carrying regalia—that was designed on your forebear King Charles II—in 1661, together with a crown that’s 5 kilos in weight.:I simply need you to think about laying out 5 kilos of sugar luggage and placing that in your head, however think about it is a hat that’s made to be too large for you. Are you able to think about having that form of strain on you? I feel it will need to have been a hell of a day for her.”

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Regardless of the extreme strain that will need to have been on her on the time, Bruce mentioned Queen Elizabeth spoke of the coronation with lightness and readability.

“She talks very cleanly and with a readability of reminiscence that was a delight. She’s additionally received a beautiful humorousness in a manner with out in any kind undermining the story or the symbols or what the coronation is about,” he mentioned. “I feel she’s very humble towards the position that she holds, and that makes her unwilling to be too ponderous or to dwell in something aside from a delightfully gentle manner.”

Tune into the total documentary The Coronation, which airs within the U.S. on the Smithsonian Channel, Sunday, Jan. 14 at eight p.m. ET. It was made in partnership with the BBC and Australian Broadcasting Company and is a part of the Royal Assortment Season, a collaboration between the BBC and Royal Assortment Belief.

Julian Calder
Julian Calder

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