Scalp Exfoliation Is the Essential Step Your Hair-Care Routine Is Lacking

When Utah hairdresser Christina Kreitel shared an Instagram video of one in every of her customary salon companies—a scalp exfoliation—she was not anticipating it to go viral. In two months, the 10-second clip has over eight million views thus far. That’s proper up there with the most well-liked of the gross-but-seriously-satisfying pimple-popping movies folks cannot get sufficient of.

Within the video, Kreitel is brushing her shopper’s scalp, unleashing a flurry of useless pores and skin cells with each stroke. “Contemporary scalps make for recent, wholesome hair,” she wrote within the caption. “Simply since you don’t have dandruff doesn’t imply you don’t want this.”

“Individuals don’t take into consideration the well being of their scalp till there is a matter,” David Adams, co-founder and colorist of FourteenJay salon, tells SELF. However exfoliating the scalp frequently can preserve it more healthy in the long term, stopping points from cropping up and enhancing the look of hair. “Our pores and skin and scalp are a part of the identical ecosystem, as we’d exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize our pores and skin, we must always do the identical with our scalp.”


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Just like the pores and skin in your face, your scalp can get oily, which might result in irritation and dandruff.

Identical to the pores and skin in your face, your scalp incorporates sebaceous glands that produce oil (sebum). In the correct quantity, sebum helps make your hair tender and glossy. However an overproduction of sebum, or buildup of oil on the scalp, can feed the malassezia furfur yeast that results in dandruff. An oily scalp may result in flare-ups of seborrheic dermatitis, a continual pores and skin situation marked by purple, greasy patches, itching or burning, and dandruff flakes. Exfoliating with a brush or with a scalp scrub will help eliminate the flakes.

Making use of an exfoliating scalp masks a few times per week will help quell or stop flare-ups, Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist at Philip Kinglsey Trichological Clinic, beforehand instructed SELF. “Exfoliating masks gently raise away flakes and helps to return the speed of pores and skin cell turnover on the scalp to a traditional, wholesome degree.” (Kingsley doesn’t condone the comb methodology as a result of it may be irritating to the scalp.)

Adams recommends a correct scalp exfoliation at the least as soon as a month. In case you have a recurring subject like dandruff, he recommends exfoliating as soon as each two weeks till it’s underneath management. (Particulars on easy methods to do it, beneath.)

Extra oil may trigger hair thinning.

Over time, the buildup of dandruff and sebum can clog hair follicles, which might result in hair loss and hair thinning. “Normally, the follicle has two or extra hairs rising from it,” Adams says. “When it’s clogged, the follicle shrinks and subsequently the variety of hairs rising from it are lowered.” Exfoliating the scalp can clear these blockages, which is able to assist hair develop in higher and seem fuller.

Exfoliating can preserve hairstyling merchandise from increase on the scalp, which might make the hair look boring.

Hairstyling merchandise may pile up alongside the scalp and clog hair follicles, particularly fan-favorite dry shampoo. “The present pattern for dry shampoos and solely shampooing the hair as soon as per week can be not a superb factor for the scalp,” says Adams. He compares it to somebody sporting make-up to mattress and waking up and placing on extra make-up, with out ever washing it off. “The identical may be stated about re-applying styling product and never shampooing the hair for per week,” he provides.

Even when you do shampoo a number of instances per week, it doesn’t imply you’re getting the whole lot faraway from the scalp. “There’s a large distinction between shampooing the hair and exfoliating the scalp,” says Adams.

There are specific individuals who mustn’t strive scalp exfoliation.

This consists of these with psoriasis, cuts, sores, infections, or eczema on the scalp. Individuals with these points ought to shampoo gently, with no rubbing or scrubbing, dermatologist Janet Prystowsky, M.D., tells SELF. “In case you have a psoriasis tendency, then scrubbing the scalp vigorously will really improve danger of scalp flake formation,” she explains.

This is easy methods to exfoliate your scalp the best manner.

An exfoliating scalp therapy begins by buffing the scalp with a teasing brush. “This loosens the particles on the scalp,” says Adams. Be sure to make use of mild strokes as a result of brushing too arduous could cause irritation. After brushing, therapeutic massage a scalp therapy right into a dry scalp and hair for about 10 minutes. This might be one thing just like the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Therapy ($17) or the Aveda Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser ($35), which is able to stability out an oily scalp and soothe any itching. You wish to search for a therapy that’s light-weight so it should rinse away simply. As soon as it’s totally labored into the scalp, you simply undergo your regular wash, situation, and styling course of.

If you do not have time for all these steps (which might add 20 minutes to your shampoo routine), you may wash with a shampoo that has an exfoliator in-built. There are scalp scrubs just like the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo ($42) or IGK Low Key Cleaning Walnut Scalp Scrub ($36) which have bodily particles to assist clear scalp. (Do not use a brush and a scalp scrub on the identical time.) Or, you should use a cleanser with a chemical exfoliator, like salicylic acid. Attempt Neutrogena T-Sal Shampoo ($6).

All in all, a wholesome scalp means wholesome hair. As Adams places it, “By no means underestimate the facility of a scalp therapy.”

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